light-night-glass-smoke-drinkRúa da Moeda Vella
Rúa da Moeda Vella
Name that reminds us that a "Ceca" (banking association) of coin minting was here, a privilege granted by King Alfonso VI of León to Archbishop Gelmírez in S-XII.

At 20 meters
VelaCasa da Troia
Casa da Troia Museum
The "rúa da Troia" leads to the house of the same name, an old student pension immortalized by Pérez Lugín in his homonymous novel, written in 1915.

At 30 meters
light-night-glass-smoke-drinkSan Martiño Pinario
San Martim Pinario
It is the main monastery of Santiago and very significant the economic power and the social relevance of the Benedictines. It has 23,000 square meters, being the 2nd largest in Spain after El Escorial.

At 70 meters
VelaPraza de Cervantes
Praza de Cervantes
It was known for centuries as the 'Praza do Campo', here was located the most important medieval market. The old Town Hall is on the corner of the square and today it is the only baroque municipal building that remains intact in Galicia.

At 100 meters
light-night-glass-smoke-drinkPorta da Pena
Porta da Pena
The historic center of Santiago de Compostela was surrounded for years by a great wall of almost two kilometers. Had 7 doors that served as communication between the city and the rural area.

One of them, which was in the northern part of the city is "Porta da Pena", gave access to pilgrims from England and Flanders. In the nineteenth century, when it is believed that, due to the growth of the city, the door was destroyed.

At 170 meters
VelaCatedral de Santiago de Compostela
Cathedral of Santiago
The Cathedral of Santiago is a World Heritage Site: a building with spiritual, architectural, cultural and historical values. It is not created all at once but by extensions and substitutions.

At 90 meters


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