What is a bell tower?

A bell tower or campanile (voice derived from Italian, campanile) is a structure attached or exempt from a cathedral, basilica, church or chapel, where the bells are placed, in order to summon the attendance of the parishioners to the religious service or to the citizens usually.

The bells and their sounds

The bell, made of bronze and with an iron clapper, was introduced by Christianity, being implanted for the first time in Italy in the 6th century, by the hand of Benedictine monks. In the 12th century, the manufacture of the bells passed into the hands of the laity; they got bigger and towers were built to place them so that their sound could be heard further afield.

The ringing of the bell is part of daily life, it can be said that they speak through their tolls, warning people of the most diverse daily or extraordinary events.

The mixture of the sounds is determined by the shape, the thickness of the wall of the bell, the size and the weight.

We are going to see some of the best known bell rings.

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